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Agency DOSSIER - private detective services in Moscow

Detective Agency "Dossier" works on Private Detective market since 2003, providing services throughout Moscow, the Moscow region, Central Federal District and other regions of Russian Federation as well as abroad . For almost 10 years experienced private investigators of the detective agency provide all range of services in the area of people search and investigation, handle sufficient information and technical database, and effectively interact with law enforcement agencies, tax and legal authorities in the framework of the current legislation.

Detective Agency "Dossier" provides a full range of detective services, including both classical services provided by private detectives and detective agencies: services of a private detective, investigation, information collection, people search, video surveillance and installation of video surveillance and security, as well as a variety of services on legal matters and economic security of a company, business and any legal entity. You can get the overview of the services provided by the detective agency on our website and by the phone. To save your time, you can send online-request from any page of our website and we will come back to you with a free of charge consultation.

One of the common problems that our clients address us is people search. The reasons for people search can be very different - search of missing people, restoring of lost connection with relatives and friends, search of debtors and cheaters, search of absconding family members. This is not the full list of type of services provided by our private detectives. The common thing in people search strategy in all these cases is thoroughness, drive and the intensity of the search which results in the success of the operation. Company staff will do people search without geographical limits and even abroad.

Information search

Information is our most valuable source data. When performing out duties we spend hours in the pouring rain, freeze outside, sometimes we even risk our lives ... but if we give up, we don’t have a chance to help you ...


To single out the most important things, reject plain gossip and misinformation, and calculate benefit from our work – this is how the daily routine of our analysts look like


Report on the work of our detective agency that you get is the result of persistent and sometimes even risky cooperation of a whole team of specialists in the field of investigation, intelligence and law

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We have a license for private detective activity issued on May 11, 2016, valid until 11 May 2021. The license holder has the right to keep and bear a gas pistol, special device "Cheremukha-10" or its analogue and gas ammunition in line of duty.