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Relocations of lost contacts and friends
from 100 €
Private surveillance and observation
from 40 € per hour
Searching for information about a person
(phone numbers, addresses, and social network accounts)
from 150 €
Internet fraud detection
from 300 €
Alibi check
from 500 €
Daily routine surveillance
from 500 €
Genealogy research
from 200 €
Confirmation of employment, social and daily activities, physical abilities, contacts, and pastimes
from 1000 €
Gathering information on the prospective fiancé (fiancée)
from 250 €
Asset search and financial investigation
from 300 €
Surveillance of unfaithful partners, gathering infidelity evidence
from 500 €
Tracing missing people or family members
from 150 €



Vetting business partners
from 100 €
Fraud detectionfrom 300 €
Gathering information on the company from public sourcesfrom  50 €
Corporate intelligencefrom  500 €
Proof of company solvencyfrom  400 €
Surveillance and countersurveillancefrom 40 € per hour
Pre-employment vetting and background checksfrom  50 €
Detection of crimes committed by management and stafffrom  300 €
Embezzlement investigationfrom  500 €
Fighting counterfeitfrom  1000 €
Security  check of the company's electronic and other paperworkfrom 1000 €
Electronic bug sweep service of business premises15-20 €/m2

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We have a license for private detective activity issued on May 11, 2016, valid until 11 May 2021. The license holder has the right to keep and bear a gas pistol, special device "Cheremukha-10" or its analogue and gas ammunition in line of duty.